What services does Intistele offer for sending SMS?


SMS messaging, which is carried out by api for sms messaging, ensures the effectiveness of an advertising campaign at a relatively low cost. SMS services of the service harmoniously combine 1. economy and 2. high return. They have become an ideal method of attracting customers and contribute to the prosperity of your business

SMS-mailing is a great opportunity to inform a current or potential client with a 100% guarantee. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this channel of information. The company does not take money for a subscription and does not deduct funds from your balance after a certain period.
Advantages of using the service.

SMS mailing is an indispensable assistant for small and medium-sized businesses in promoting goods and services. Advertising and alerts in the form of SMS have long established themselves. On the one hand, SMS mailing is an effective tool for promoting services or goods. An experienced marketer knows when, how and to whom to send SMS.

How many audience you can reach.

Most mailings appear after the owner of the phone leaves his number in some organization and agrees to receive messages from them. Sometimes the client allows his contact to be transferred to other companies, which leads to even more mailings.

With the help of SMS messaging programs, you can tell about new promotions, return customers for a new purchase, poll or offer promotional codes for products. expand the filter.
We offer a wide range of SMS services from Sigma SMS. A clear interface and powerful functionality — all the best for you in the shortest possible time.Simple automation of communication with the client. SigmaSMS is a service offering a whole range of services for communicating with clients.
Convenient Web-based interface for self-configuration and launching SMS-mailings with wide functionality.
Enter your phone number to access the service. SMS mailing is the best way to increase your sales!
These notifications can be sent to any number, as well as there is no limitation in the amount of information they contain.
The service for email newsletters is an automated platform that without the direct intervention of webmasters, they send letters to potential customers on electronics.