Как увеличить количество подписчиков на Ютубе?


The most famous Internet platform for uploading and storing videos is YouTube. Video hosting encourages the authors of successful channels, allowing them to earn money from monetization or advertising. For many bloggers who are responsible for creating content, the platform is a source of stable income.

Features of YouTube channel promotion

The channel’s popularity is determined by the number of active subscribers who view the video and leave comments. Buy fast youtube subscribers is one of the current ways to promote the channel. The following rules will help you expand your active audience, but only over a longer period of time:

  • Entire video must fit with the main idea of the channel, a retreat from the subject can lead to unsubscribing users.
  • Create unique content without copyright infringement. This type of material may cause the channel to be blocked.
  • Regularly upload videos to keep subscribers interested.
  • Respond to comments and periodically arrange streams – this is a live communication between the author of the channel and subscribers.
  • Mutual advertising between with other subscribers.

Adhere to the recommendations of the canal will be signed real YouTube users. But this method is not suitable for rapid promotion, so they resort to the services of special services.

The advantage of buying followers

Many people deny the effectiveness of buying subscribers, but this method of promotion is one of the most effective. The advantages of buying subscribers include the following aspects:

  • Affordable cost of the service.
  • You can buy both bots and real users.
  • Ability to smoothly increase the number of subscribers, so as not to attract the attention of the checking algorithm.

Carefully increase the number of subscribers, a young channel needs 100-200 subscribers in one day. A channel that operates for a long time can increase the audience to 600-800 new subscribers per day. There are many services that offer to purchase subscribers, preference is given to companies that carry out a smooth cheat of subscribers. It is also important that the service accurately indicates the quality of subscribers, and which region accounts will be from.